Alternative Title:*(se) in French
Year: 2014-15
Duration: 37 min

Cover artwork by Paul-Antoine Gauvreau
Cover artwork by Paul-Antoine Gauvreau

“the human will needs a goal – and it will rather will nothingness than not will”  
Friedrich Nietzsche (On the Genealogy of Morality)

Musique concrète piece composed entirely with synthesis. In eight movements, *(self) discusses the concept of ascetic ideals. The piece offers soundscapes inspired by the desert journeys of those prophets in search of purity and simplicity through self-denial. It questions the pertinence of such voluntary pittance in order to obtain redemption.

  1. to *obey (0:44)
  2. to *contemplate (6:33)
  3. to *desire (5:52)
  4. to *abide (3:41)
  5. to *believe (4:30)
  6. to *seclude (3:37)
  7. to *peter out (7:29)
  8. to *negate (4:40)

*(self) was composed in the composer’s personal studio between July 2013 and February 2015. A string trio version of the piece also exists in which the electronic version is interpreted as an audio score coupled with a graphic score by Paul-Antoine Gauvreau. The string version was premiered in Manchester by Distractfold Ensemble. The electronic version was premiered during the Akousma Douze festival.

Thanks to Stephen Harvey and Pierre-Alexandre Tremblay for their unswerving support. Thanks to Danielle, Lola and Frédérique for their pure awesomeness.


2015/10/29 – Festival Akousma, Montréal (Canada)
Premiere of electronic version.

2014/10/04International Anthony Burgess Foundation, Manchester (UK). Premiere of acoustic version by Distractfold Ensemble.